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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unhappy people ...

I had today a little "argument" with fisted, who was very unhappy to know that I shared a modified teeworlds client with features such as the skin cloner. He also posted a comment here, that I won't delete. According to him, these features are funny only if a few people have it, only if it is "rare". Fisted created the same feature, used it, and gave it to his << trust friends >>. So the first problem I encountered is that I can't make all people happy, but I'll still try to please as many as possible.

This brings me to the second problem. There are a lot of players, and features such as the skin cloner are quite invasive. In the future, some features may be blocked by servers, or their efficiency may be severely diminished. It's totally normal, and I won't try to find ways round the bans. So if you want to keep playing with these features, do not be invasive !
As far as I'm concerned, I had some ideas of potential new features for the chat, but after considering it, they might be too invasive. I won't develop new features which could spam the chat, but I'll keep developing features to bring more fun to the game.

I can't prevent people from using MagicTW for the wrong purposes, just as the creator of DDRace can't prevent people from blocking others. Yet, DDRace is fun

And if you're angry because someone use the same skin than you, relax : it's just a game.


  1. Well, as you make it look like this was about some elitism, i feel forced to again respond.
    When i wrote (my version of that) feature, i wrote it mainly because of being bored, and liking the idea of it. It is obvious that the thing is funny, as long as not everyone has it, because then it clearly starts to annoy ppl and makes it virtually impossible to keep track on who is who. I think i don't need to mention that realizing a color happens faster than reading a (moving) name.
    That being said, the only reason for me not to release it, was to protect teeworlds from it. As everyone except your retarded friend (who brought the whole debat up in the first place) knows, i usually release my sources, with that the whole thing breaks down. It ain't about me, neither is (now that i know your client
    does worse things than just copying colors), that color thing in any way important to me anymore.

    what i hoped got through to you, is that i am pissed about it because it *is*gonna*hurt*tw*. the mere fact of that the average tw player is like 12 years old, supports that.

    (and you admit it yourself, "There are a lot of players, and features such as the skin cloner are quite invasive", and in the same go you come up with a hilarious statement like "I can't prevent people from using MagicTW for the wrong purposes".
    As the only bloody purpose of your client seems to be to centralize cheat-like and annoying features, there is no fucking *right* purpose to use it for, and your statement is a weak excuse.
    Obviously you could have prevented ppl from that, by *not releasing it*. Nobody would have given a fuck if you had used it by yourself. But by giving it to the kiddie-masses, you do the exact opposite, and obviously you willingly do that.

    As well you could have invested your time in coding something useful.


  2. This client contains an autohammer-feature, which is considered as a cheat in vanilla. Please remove it from your client.
    - heinrich5991

  3. It will be removed in 0.9 and later versions. Sorry for the inconvenience

  4. The "retarted friend" have he's (or you for, it's, I guess you don't care about who's not your nor your friends, like you're talking about your players and others) own point, he's own arguments and, well, no, he's still not caring about your opinion. I'm just annoyed that you're posting your shitty lame whine here. You dislike that ? You think you're the best c++ dev all over the world ? Then, it's easy to disallow, even server-side.

  5. @Nekko: Thank you for your very fast response. Unfortunately I just found another feature that is banned from teeworlds. The automatic color change feature:
    It'd be nice if you could remove that one too.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    - heinrich5991

    PS: That's all features that are banned, but the developers currently discuss whether it'll be allowed to have the client changing the color to the nearest tee.

  6. "I'm just annoyed that you're posting your shitty lame whine here."
    So this is Nekkos girlfriend cleaning up his blog or what?

    "You dislike that ? You think you're the best c++ dev all over the world ?"
    Again, stop pretending this was what it is about, you child.

    "Then, it's easy to disallow, even server-side."
    Of course it is trivial.

    Now go back to your homework.

    PS: the very first part does not make any sense at all, please try to be less retarded. additionally you might want to improve your english skills. ask your teachers for further information.

    PPS: @Nekko, good that you're going to remove the autohammer, and hopefully other annoying or cheatlike features as well. I'm just a bit concerned on whats then left in the client (no offense) as it seems to be a collection of discouraged features.
    Also, that your intents are not the best gets obvious from reading the pr0tips in this blogs, where you encourage ppl to create chat binds and to dbg_stress.
    Why the heck? Clearly you cannot be as stupid as your sissy girlfriend V., but why do you not invest your time in coding good stuff?
    Of course, the kiddies are easier to impress, but that doesn't yield you any gain in anything, only disrepect from those ppl whose work gets hurt by you releasing abusive stuff to the masses.
    Seriously i don't understand it.

    Finally, @V again, as i have really better stuff to get done, rather than to argue with some apparently 15 y/o kid who keep repeating what he would like to be the truth, you might well consider not answering at all, since that is what i'm going to do.
    Furthermore, it might save you quite some embarrassment.


  7. Don't worry about my embarrassment, I think everytime before opening my mouth (or, here, before commenting). The first, you too, don't understand, is that I said myself that the chat flood / auto-hammer (and somehow, the auto-color-rand) are _annoying_. I totally agree with that, it's something that shoudln't be allowed nor even disponible. Let me answer, a very last time : the "you can't recognize your friend" is a lame argument. There's two case where you may want to recognize your friends : in blocker mode (your case) and un tdm. In tdm, everybody is with the same color (red or blue, depending on your team, right ?), so, recognizing by colors is something useful in blocking mode.
    Wait. Did blocking mode forbid rescuing after blocking ? Well, I don't think so. And, again, I must say that your serv is the first removing the particular colors. So, please, stop with that argument.

  8. "you can't recognize your friend" is a lame argument.

    first of all, i have told you my argument in a way more general way, any even if this TINY subset of it is what you consider 'a lame argument', it is just 'ONE implication of it which you pick out in order to invalidly defeat whe whole argument.

    i *never* said 'you can't recognize your friends'. i said 'it gets harder to quickly tell who is who, and this is one A LOT more general statement.

    Chances are, i wouldn't need to point it out if it wasn't you i'm talking with, but since this is the case, let me give you one arbitrary point your wrong conclusion doesn't cover.
    for instance, in DM. not TDM, DM. your homework is to find out why it could be crucial to be able to quickly tell who is who in DM.

    "in blocker mode (your case)"
    you talk about things you have no clue about. IF i am in some 'mode' atm, then it is clearly OpenFNG mode.
    Just because we talked on a block server, it doesn't mean that this is what it is all about. Again, stop making things up. It is annoying to have to defend myself against "Arguments" which not even remotely match reality. again, fucking *grow up*.

    "Wait. Did blocking mode forbid rescuing after blocking ? Well, I don't think so. And, again, I must say that your serv is the first removing the particular colors. "
    not even sure what this confused talk is supposed to mean, but somehow it looks like you refer to the zones that *force* *one* color upon a player. that is obviously unrelated, if not quite the opposite (as it *disallows* any further manual change in color).
    so what *on earth* are you trying to achieve with this struggle?

    "I said myself that [...] somehow, the auto-color-rand [is] _annoying_."
    no, you did not. but good that you do now.

    "I think everytime before opening my mouth (or, here, before commenting)"
    So, do you *really*?