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Saturday, May 21, 2011

MagicTW 0.1

As I write these lines, I have already released the version 0.4 of MagicTW, but I still need to explain how it works, and what it is ^^
As you may know (or not), teeworlds is an open-source project : you can get the source code of the game, modify it and compile it with your changes. If you're interested, you can learn more here.

With the source code, you can create your own server, add mods, and also create your own client and add the features you want. Yet, few people know how to do it, that's why I will share my client and add features to bring more fun to the game.

To play MagicTW, first download the file you need : top-left of the homepage.
Unzip the file and take a look at the folder MagicTW-0.x-xxx (it depends the file you need). There are 3 files:

  • license.txt : the official license of teeworlds, which will be in every version I share.
  • MagicTW : the binary/executable file. You have to copy it in the folder of the game, where the teeworlds executable is.
  • MagicTW.txt : just a short list of the added features. This file will be updated for each version. You don't need to keep it, but it can be useful if you want to know all the new features.
Now, I'm going to explain what is the new feature of the 0.1 version : the command MagicTW_send_info.
If you have read the two previous posts and if you're curious, you may have tested to execute a file to change your skin, your color, your name ... and you may have seen it doesn't work very well. You have to update it manually by changing at least one value in your settings.
But if you type MagicTW_send_info in the local console of the game (F1), the changes will update automatically. So, here is an example of configuration file to change your player :

player_country -1
player_clan ""
player_name MrLemon
player_skin pinky
player_color_feet 5419520
player_color_body 2883328
player_use_custom_color 1
emote 2

I don't think you need further explanations to understand these lines. If the name of the file is MrLemon.txt, you only have to type exec MrLemon.txt in the teeworlds console to become MrLemon. =)

By the way, you can see in the file the command MagicTW_send_info. You must write it after the player's changes, or the changes won't be updated automatically. The emote is not a player's change, you can write it after the update, it doesn't matter.

And to change even faster, you can bind a key to execute the file : bind o exec MrLemon.txt
You can create as many files as you want and bind as many keys as your keyboard has.

The next post will deal with the version 0.2 and the skin cloner ;-)

Edit: I made some tests and I found out that since teeworlds 0.6.0, the changes are automatically updated (even if it can take a while). Anyway, MagicTW_send_info was much appreciated in v0.5.2 to switch to the black skin (which has been removed in 0.6.0)without disconnect/reconnect. I guess I'll have to find an other use to the command, or remove it if it's useless xD

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