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Sunday, May 29, 2011

MagicTW 0.7

Hi there ! A new version of MagicTW arrives with two new features for you :D

Someone asked me to add something to hold the hook when we press F1, just like it does when we're talking in chat. Since, I have worked on the controls and I created "hold" commands for firing and hooking :
    * MagicTW_fire_on => Your character will be firing / hitting with hammer until you write the command again, or until you press the shoot button.
    * MagicTW_hook_on => Your character will hold the hook until you write the command again, or until you press the hook button.

I spent more time trying to fix some issues than developing these features. Anyway, there are still two bugs I didn't fix (my bad).

With the first command, take care not to get banned because of hammer spamming ;-)
Known bug : even if you don't activate this feature, your hammer will be triggered by both pressing and releasing the bound key.

With the 2nd command, you can press F1, navigate in menus, go out to buy a pizza, or whatever, your character will keep hooking the wall. You don't have to press the chat button anymore(even if you can still do it this way). In some servers (for example, the "official" servers, running "official" maps with "official" mods), the trick with the chat doesn't work, but the command MagicTW_hook_on does.
Known bug : when you launch MagicTW_hook_on, it launches the hook (that's not the bug ^^) , but if you grab someone or if you miss a wall, your character will still think (s)he is hooked, even if the hook has been released. You may have to press twice the hook button to hook something again.

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