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Sunday, May 22, 2011

MagicTW 0.2

Finally ! It took me time but I succeeded in compiling a MagicTW version for Windows ! It's only a version for 32 bit, and I would like to have some feedbacks, it might work for 64 bit, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'll present here the new feature of the version 0.2 : the skin cloner !

There are two new commands for the local console (F1 in the game) :

  • MagicTW_clone_skin -followed by an integer- => In every server, each player is identified by an ID number, usually between 0 and 15. This number depends of how many players are present in the server, who was connected first, and lots of other unimportant things. If you know the id of a player, you can choose to clone his skin by typing (for instance, if the id is 2) : MagicTW_clone_skin 2. You'll copy his skin and his colors, but you'll keep your name, clan and country.
  • MagicTW_clone_skin_nearest => Far easier, by typing this command in the local console, you'll copy the skin and colors of the nearest player.
And don't forget the binds, they are very useful ;)

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