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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip # 2 : Exec command

If you have a lot of commands to type in the console, and if you want to use it often, the exec command is what you need.

Type in the console "exec mysettings.cfg" and the game will execute all actions that are in the file mysettings.cfg. You can create you own config file, just put it in the data folder of the game, and you can execute it.

There's no need to call your file something.cfg, you can use .txt or anything you want. Just be sure of the location of your file and its name when you type the command.

Now you just have to write your commands in the file, and you'll be able to change all your binds by pressing a single key, change your name, your skin, your clan, your colors (but the changes are only in your settings, you'll have to reload it manually by changing one value), ...

The next post will be the first about MagicTW, and will explain how to upload automatically your changes of skin, name, clan, colors ... when you change it through the console.

Until then, have fun !

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