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Monday, May 30, 2011

MagicTW 0.8

I had no school this morning, so I worked on MagicTW and I added a new feature : MagicTW_clone_emote_nearest

When you type this command in the local console (F1), it will search for the nearest player, and your character will copy all his emoticons. Even if you go far away from him, and even if he's not the nearest player anymore, you will still copy his emoticons.

If you type the command again, there are two cases :
    1) The nearest player is the same : it will deactivate the emote cloner.
    2) The nearest player is different : the emote cloner is till activated, but the target has changed, you copy now the emoticons of the "new" nearest player.

If you want to turn off the emote cloner, you can also write " MagicTW_clone_emote_nearest 0 " in the local console.
Have fun !


  1. You suck, child.
    I have just realized that you not only released the color copy annoyage, but that this seems to be a full-featured kiddie/cheat/retard client.
    It probably gives you an awesome feeling, having all the Kids look up to your limited coding skills (which is probably the reason why you didn't even have the balls to release source code), but let me give you an advise. By all respect you gain from the kids, you lose potential respect of the sane ppl and proper devs of the game.

    That being said, kid, grow up.

    -fisted, who lost all respect for you in an instant.

  2. God. Why are you coming still here ? Wasn't my explanation on your serv sufficient ? I guess it was, since you banned me (moar rage).
    You dislike it ? You wanted to be the only one using it ? You think you and some others are the only ones not "kids", and so allowed to use that sort of thing ? And you're asking HIM to grow up ? Seriously, guy, you're not fun, you're more, you're ridiculous.

    Dommage Nekko, j'espère qu'on se reverra sur un autre serveur (passer par un vpn pour jouer c'est la mort T__T).

    Vendethiel, who don't care about your sort of people, fisted. I'm very capable of doing what I want with TeeWorlds client, and I like all those initiatives, even if I've still not convinced him to put the code on github and stuff. O, btw, you're still more ridiculous meaning "I'm a better c++ dev than you".

  3. "Vendethiel, who don't care about your sort of people, fisted"
    yeah that is very coherent with this outburst of invalid accusations. grow up, and, for gods sake, stop pretending this was about who is 'better' or any related shit. you seem to be too immature to grasp my points which i have made very clear.
    well, but as you fail to do so, instead you should use your brain, in order to avoid looking this retarded, each time you repeat the things that you would like to believe.

    so, funny to see how much you NOT care.

  4. How do I change the location to my Gamer instead of Teeworlds?
    I use Gamer instead of regular Teeworlds...

  5. man there is tees who use auto color i dont how u delete it from the new ver

  6. This feature has been removed, but if people keep an old version of MagicTW, they can still use it.

  7. To the people arguing on the top-- You both are nerds.