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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip #1 : The binds

Here is a tip very useful to play faster : you can bind any key of your mouse & keyboard to an action.
The syntax is " bind name_of_the_key action_you_want_to_do ". Just write what you want in console (F1).

With binds you can say something in the chat, change your team, change your appearance, kill yourself, everything !

If you're curious, these are some examples :

bind p kill => kill yourself each time your press P
bind m say " Nekko is the best " =>  display the message << Nekko is the best >> each time you press M
bind a emote 2 => display little hearts around your player to show you're happy
bind r say "/r"
bind insert say "/emote happy 600"
bind kp1 dbg_stress 71

If you want to know the name of a key : Settings => Controls => change something and press your key to display its name.

If you want to remove all the binds you set, type "unbindall" in the console. ! WARNING ! : it will also remove the binds you use to move, shoot, jump, ...

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