Magic TeeWorlds !

After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MagicTW 0.9

This version is a correction of previous mistakes : features considered as cheats or banned by the developers of the game have been removed from the client.

The following features are concerned :
    - MagicTW_fire_on
    - MagicTW_auto_color
    - MagicTW_repeat_last_message

I'd add that I won't be available until next Monday. Since then, I'll try to find new features to add.


  1. Thank you that you've taken action so fast
    - heinrich5991

  2. good pls show my question

  3. How do I change the location to my Gamer instead of Teeworlds?
    I use Gamer instead of regular Teeworlds...

  4. Why wont anyone tell me???

  5. I don't know Gamer, but if it's a special client, you won't be able to use the both. Download the original version from the official website, and add the MagicTW client in the folder of the game.

  6. could u pls give us an autoaim (manual shoot - not automatically) for blocking & ddrace ? ^^

  7. No I can't, sorry, it would be considered as a cheat, even if the shoot is "manual" ;)

  8. They disspeared in verion 1.4,why?

  9. The features have been removed since version 0.9. That's why they're not available in the next versions.