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After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MagicTW 1.0

Hey all !!
The last release was sooo long ago, I apologize for the delay, but since the last release I got connection problems and ... holidays ;)

Some people asked me to compile a version for linux 32 bits, I'll try to do it soon.

I would have loved to do something special for the version 1.0 release, but I decided not to make you wait longer. So here are the new features :

- When someone write your name in the chat, the whole message is highlighted. You can now change the color of the highlight with the command MagicTW_highlight_color.
The syntax is the following : " MagicTW_highlight_color r g b " where r, g and b are numbers from 0 to 255 corresponding to the values of red, green and blue.
I give you some examples and the corresponding colors :

" MagicTW_highlight_color 0 0 0 " => Black
" MagicTW_highlight_color 255 0 0 " => Red
" MagicTW_highlight_color 0 0 255 " => Blue
" MagicTW_highlight_color 255 255 255 " => White
" MagicTW_highlight_color 120 56 89 " => Purple

You can mix the colors and choose the one you like the most.

- The next command will help you to create loadable config file to save your name, skin, clan name, colors and country. While playing, just write the command MagicTW_save_skin followed by the name of the save file. If you want to come back to this config later, use the exec command to load the config file.

Example :

MagicTW_save_skin Nekko.txt
exec Nekko.txt

If you have some questions, don't hesitate, just ask =D

See you soon !


  1. Please add the function a indicates someone who is on the friends list and is on display for the green and followed with a click or double click

    (English by Google Translater)

  2. I don't understand exactly what you want ... If one of your friends is in a server, you want to highlight it in the servers list ? Or in the chat ?

    Working with friend list could be interesting anyway

  3. in v 1.1 the color changer dont work :(

  4. Thanks for the report, I'll check it soon :)

  5. what did u do in it ?

  6. In the client ? I added some features. You can copy other players' skins, copy their emotes, ... Check the blog to see all the features. ;)