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After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

MagicTW 1.1

Hey all !
Some people really missed a spinbot and asked me to add it. Now it's done ;-)

Yet, I have never used a spinbot myself, so I don't know if this is exactly what you wanted. I just tried to do my best, in order to create something easy to use. In the game, you will see your character spinning, but the "target cross" won't turn around you, so you can easily aim with your mouse and shoot or hook where you want.

By the way, the command is MagicTW_auto_spin.

I'll try to post a video soon, and I planned some changes in the blog.
Have fun !

P.S. : I also fixed a bug with hammer cloning that made the game crash. My bad.


  1. Hey, Nekko! I'm from Russia and bad speak English.
    I want you write aimbot... if this realy...
    Thanks... my skype pd_cs_

  2. Sorry, I won't create an aimbot, it is a feature banned by the developers of the game (and I don't want to have problems ^^)

    In russian, something like that :
    не Aimbot: запрещена функция

  3. oh give me aimbot in skype pd_cs_
    I dont will give aimbot nobody...

  4. Please... or give me link to download aimbot in skype pd_cs_

  5. I don't have any aimbot. Google it if you want one.

  6. I search in google... it's dont helped me...
    You're my last hope...

  7. I don't want to help you to cheat, no way :p
    If you want to win, just train, alone or with clanmates, aimbots are useless.

  8. Yo, others can see my tee spinning or ? o,o

  9. Actually I don't know ^^
    Depending on the OS, the spinbot seems to do weird things ...
    I have to fix that.

  10. Ok :] I've tried spinbot with 2 clients ( yours and n-client) and it doesn't work :P Gj anyway