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After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MagicTW 1.6

Hey !
As I promised, the version 1.6 is here, though I intended to release it sooner. ^^

There is only one new feature : colors in the names.

To add some color to your name, just add :

\0 for WHITE
\1 for BLACK
\2 for RED
\3 for BLUE
\4 for GREEN
\5 for YELLOW
\6 for PURPLE
\7 for BROWN
\8 for ORANGE
\9 for PINK
For example, if I want to display "Nekko" in blue, I will set my name to : \3Nekko. The result will be : Nekko.

You can put several colors in your name :
\1Black\0&White => Black&White

The only limit is the max length of the name : 15 characters.

The color display will be activated by default. You can enable/disable it with the command MagicTW_display_name_color.

I worked hard to display the colors in different places in the game (nameplates , score board, kill messages, chat, server browser), but there are still some places where the colors won't be displayed (console, system messages in chat, ...). So don't be alarmed if you find your name with "\something".

I want you to bring happiness in the game ;-)
Have fun !


  1. Hey, many thanks for your hard work :) tee worlds is a great game :)
    I'm looking forward for new relasses :)

  2. Nice! I would look forward to hearing from u guys!

  3. Btw, can u make a maphack in next version?

  4. I don't know ... What is a maphack ?

  5. Hm, maphack can show u the tiles, the map was made of. Like command show_entities in ddrace client

  6. If you can add ability to use lua files for TeeWorlds :)

  7. how i can write small numbers????
    alt gr are not work???!!!!!!!!

  8. how i can type small numbers?
    Alt Gr are not work for me

  9. Can you make more place for name symbols?

  10. Neko, you can make the graph instead of the console if vou like me, a kind, you go to OPTIONS then there will be a menu MagicTW for example, would be good! but it's can be hard, but would Beacoup easier, thank you :)

  11. SuperKoHb > I don't like the idea, it could be considered as cheat in race servers. Btw, you can still use the map editor to display/hide some tiles of the map ...
    Anonymous > Sorry, I already answered in an other post, but LUA file handler would be too much work for me, and it would increase the size of the client.
    Tomi456 > I don't understand what you mean ^^ Maybe teeworlds game doest not handle small numbers
    Snoop! > I could add some place for the name in the client, but you would be the only one to see your entire name, because the server's limits would cut the others'name anyway ... :-/
    Dark > It could be interesting, I like the idea :) I'll try to find time to develop it

  12. Salut j'aimerais bien te poser des questions donc si tu pourrais me donner ton skyper ou facebook pour qu'on parle.

    Merci d'avance Nekko

  13. Nekko > As I know, the maphack is officially recognized as not a cheat by teeworlds developers, so u won't have any problems from their side. But I am not insisting. If you will make Dark's suggestion, it would be nice.

  14. I have two ideas:
    1. If you could make something so that you can tag frends and enemies to see them in game and distinguish them by color :)
    2. To have different accounts with different teenames and colors, so people could have two different tee names and looks and switch them in game :)
    Just an ideas, thank you for your hard work :)

  15. Doesn't work for me

    I write "/1test" but it doesnt recognize it, ingame still /1test ...

    Is it because of some special characters?

  16. it works great but i don`t know how to change name color

  17. Nekko, the "Map Hack" is not really a cheat, lots of clients, like Gamer Client by Dune have it.

    I Would like to know were can I find the old versions of your client, cuzz' I love the rainbow feactue that was deleted.

    Can I download the old version (Or add the feactue to a new one)

  18. i download it but how i start t can someone plz help me

  19. Thank you for all your suggestions, I'll try to add them, but I can't promise now :)
    What I'd like to add :
    - Add a MagicTW menu in options
    - Add a maphack
    - Find a simple way to save and switch between several accounts (different skins and names)
    - Restore the rainbow feature (eventually with a refresh limit to prevent server spamming.

    Anonymous > You should write '\1test' instead of '/1test' (without quotes), it will draw your name in ... black :D If you want an other color, change '\1' by '\2' or anything else.
    HeroiAmarelo > I'll try to restore the feature in a less invasive way
    3dsg3rm4n > Thx a lot ^^
    Anonymous > Copy / paste the MagicTW executable in the folder where you installed the game, then double click it. Explanations in video here :

  20. hi can you make a bot that if you get freeze/block you can hook people and more things like that

  21. this MagicTW_display_name_color. does not work for me can you help me out or fix it :D thank you