Magic TeeWorlds !

After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Next feature to come ...

I'm working on v1.6, it should be released before the end of the week. I think I'll add only one new feature : colors in the names !

Here's a picture to show you :)

If you have ideas for this feature, you can leave messages in the comments =)
See you soon !


  1. I still have to display the colors in the console and some system messages, and handle special characters (unicode, russian alphabet, ...). After that, I'll compile the three versions (linux 32bit, 64 bit and Windows).

  2. How do you do client
    I want to learn and to make client?

  3. Look at the "hacking the source" section in teeworlds FAQ :

    And you need to know C++ development ^^

  4. It does not matter. I ask the person who knows my language called Shad X