Magic TeeWorlds !

After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in the business

Hey all ! It's been such a long time :D

I haven't posted anything since April (my bad), I was too busy (have been serving an internship).
Anyway, I'll try to do better from now on.

I created a Google+ page for MagicTW, thus it may be easier to discuss. I'll also post there some news.

What I'm going to do now :

  - Answer to your posts on the blog
  - Improve the G+ page
  - Update my to-do list ;-)

See you soon !


  1. Heey, it's Nameless tee from xyz_ddrace2 :D Just wanna say that I love ur client^^))

  2. Hy, nice work and thank you for continuing to work on developing best teeworlds client :)
    I have few suggestions:
    1. If you can add autoshoot function, without need to use record input
    2. I've heard of a client in witch you can use more than one tee at a time, so you can switch betwen them with a hotkey.
    What's your opinion on this? keep up the good work :)

  3. Hey all !

    Anonymous (1st one) > Thank you :)

    Anonymous (2nd one) > Thank you too :D
    1. An auto shoot function was implemented in MagicTW (along with auto hook), but I removed it because it could be used to cheat (with hammer for example). The main goal of MagicTW is to make something funny, I don't want to (totally) ruin the game ;)
    2. In an older version of teeworlds, there existed clients to connect multiple player with your computer. It was mainly used to randomly come in a server and kick other players :-/ Now it has been limited by limited connections from a single IP address I guess. Though I tried to create a similar feature a long time ago, it wasn't exactly a success ^^

    Ninja Guard > Next version will add a MagicTW menu in game options. Not all features will use this menu.

    Chaniotakis janni > Work in progress =)