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Sunday, November 20, 2011

MagicTW 1.4

 Hey !

This is the new version of MagicTW, with new features and improvements :)

    ¤ auto-spin is finally fixed : it works well :D
Write MagicTW_auto_spin to try it.

    ¤ MagicTW_hook_on is back (I forgot it in the teeworlds0.6.1 update). With this command, you can hook a wall without pressing any button.

    ¤ the messages displayed in console are improved. When you clone the nearest player's emotes, his name is displayed in the console. So you can know who you are copying.

    ¤ This feature is new, I announced it in the post about MagicTW 1.3 : it's a special characters features.
It now works for linux and windows, and allows you to display characters such as ⁂☆☘☬☯☮☠☢☣☻☺♡♥♫♲♱♰♿⚕⚛⚡✂✆✈✎✵❤⟳➡⬅ in the game.

To use any of these character, you have 2 ways of doing it :

MagicTW_special_characters_chat or MagicTW_special_characters_console.
This command must be followed by the name of the special character you want to use.
It will add the chosen character in the input field (either chat or console, depending which command you use).

For example, if you want to display a heart in the chat, open the console in the game (F1) and write :
" MagicTW_special_characters_chat heart ". If you were writing something in the chat, the character "♥" will be added at the end of the line. If you were not writing anything, the chat will open and the character will appear.

Here's the list of characters available :

heart : ♥
round_heart : ❤
empty_heart : ♡
star : ☆
3_stars : ⁂
shakti : ☬
yin_yang : ☯
peace : ☮
skull : ☠
radioactive : ☢
biohazard : ☣
black_smile : ☻
white_smile : ☺
note : ♫
recycling : ♲
east_syriac_cross : ♱
west_syriac_cross : ♰
wheelchair : ♿
medicine : ⚕
atom : ⚛
high_voltage : ⚡
scissors : ✂
telephone : ✆
airplane : ✈
pencil : ✎
8_pointed_star : ✵
circle_arrow : ⟳

Also available : diamond, club, spade, and lots of arrows ( right_arrow, up_arrow, left_arrow, down_arrow, up_right_arrow, up_left_arrow, down_right_arrow, down_left_arrow ).

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Have fun ;)


  1. i play TW for 3.5years i waz looking for a spinbot or a mod for 2 years. now i come here and i find everything i wanted ^^ ty verrymuch :D

  2. Can you make an option to enable Magictwhammer permanently? And can you add a reconnect script like in N-Client? (It's a script which connects as long as there's a free slot on the server)

  3. Yes I think I could add it :)
    I just need time because I have a lot of work besides MagicTW.

  4. Thanks for your reply and your great Client ;)