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Sunday, January 22, 2012

MagicTW 1.5

Hey ! Long time no see ! :)

MagicTW v1.5 : I improved the auto_spin feature and I added 3 new commands, all working around the same feature : input recording. Furthermore, the client now remembers if you were using MagicTW_auto_spin and/or MagicTW_clone_skin_hammer when you last quit the game. For the auto_spin feature, it also remembers the speed and direction.

- You can now choose the speed and direction of the rotation, just add a number after the command MagicTW_auto_spin. The number (from -255 to 255) indicates the speed, it can be positive or negative.

Examples : MagicTW_auto_spin 0 => no spin
 MagicTW_auto_spin 1 => slow (clockwise)
 MagicTW_auto_spin -1 => slow (anticlockwise)
MagicTW_auto_spin 40 => fast (clockwise)

- You can now record input (from mouse and keyboard) with the 3 following commands :
MagicTW_record_input => Records the keyboard and mouse input
MagicTW_save_input => Save a recorded input in a file
MagicTW_load_input => Load a saved input

It means that if you record while jumping, moving, hooking and shooting, you can later replay the same moves. Because of server lagg, the display can be weird while playing a recorded input, but it can still be useful.

How to use it :
1) Open the console (F1) and write the command "MagicTW_record_input", press Enter, and GO, it's recording, you're losing time :)
For the time being, the record time is limited to 10 seconds (only). After 10 seconds, a message will be display in console to inform you that you reached the maximum size : MagicTW_record_input ⚡OFF⚡ , with a very cool debug message (that I forgot to remove xD) "taille max atteinte". Yes, it's french, it means "max size reached".
My bad :D
2) If you want to stop the record before the end of the 10 seconds, you can open the console and write again "MagicTW_record_input". The record will stop.
If you record something again, the first record will be lost. Yet, if you want to save it, you can use the MagicTW_save_input command :
MagicTW_save_input my_first_record.txt

3) You can load this input whenever you want with the command :

MagicTW_load_input my_first_record.txt

The MagicTW_load_input commands also allows you to read the input in loop : just add "1" (one) after the name of the file.
Example : 

MagicTW_load_input my_first_record.txt 1

The files will be written in the directory of the game. For 10 seconds, the size of the file is around 5-7kB.

It's quite hard to explain, but I'll try to make a video to show how it works. 
Keep playing the game, give me ideas for future features, and have fun ^_^


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    1. plase plase please please can you make a rainbow skin please i always wanted it

    2. cant you make so you can have like a v-bot and aim-bot that would be so cool

    3. I'll try to restore the rainbow feature in a future release.
      For the aimbot, the answer is no ^^

  2. Going to ask you something. How are the character?

  3. $ Are you ßurak's friend?
    > I met him
    > Done
    $ How are the character?
    > Which character ? I don't understand ^^

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    1. I learned to make the character today. So the text and thank you for join site.

  5. I am Turkish. I understand that I write text using google translation.
    Sorry about that. : (

  6. ★★★
    In the meantime, if you want to ask what these ads do about that teeworlds
    Enter link:
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  7. But in the symbol name does not appear magictw. How do I add my name symbol?

  8. You can use the command MagicTW_special_characters_chat. Look at this post :

  9. the other version, rainbow, magic_bloody get as many good things.
    Magic_server get even. Will autoexec.

  10. if you want to change your name, use MagicTW_special_characters_console instead of MagicTW_special_characters_chat. It will add the character you want in the console, then come back to the beginning of the line and write : ` player_name ... `


  12. Wie dowloade ich ersion 0,6?

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  14. Hey Nekko, unlike most of the other guys who don't speak well English i can ^^, its actually the only language i know Lol, well anyway i wanted to ask u about your recording inputs feature, its very useful but the limiter can be very annoying somethings. i see its based on the input_size from where you set it too, can you implement something soon for this please? like to toggle it so if its recording and we toggle record again it stops recording instead of a limiter