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After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MagicTW 1.3

Hey !
Version 1.3 is released : there is no new console commands, but :

- some previous commands have been improved
- when you use MagicTW_clone_skin_hammer and MagicTW_clone_emote_nearest, messages are displayed in the console to show the status of the command (active/inactive), with beautiful colors ;)

Actually, there is one new command, but it's only in the linux version, I'll add it later for windows. It allows the player to display special characters in the chat, such as : ⁂☆☘☬☯☮☠☢☣☻☺♡♥♫♲♱♰♿⚕⚛⚡✂✆✈✎✵❤⟳➡⬅

I still need to improve it and to add the same feature for the console. If you want to test it, type MagicTW_special_characters_chat in the console (linux version only).

Maybe a Mac version soon : work in progress ...

Enjoy :-)


  1. theres no option to enable the spinbot .. why did u remove them?

  2. The spinbot seems to have some bugs, some people don't see the character turning, so I removed it in 1.2. Yet, I plan to fix the bug and put it back soon.

    Sorry, my bad. :)

  3. No more auto-color change?

  4. It was considered like spamming, I removed it in v0.9. Sorry :s

  5. So we only have skin change nearest/hammer and emote change? :(

  6. I worked well this week-end, the spinbot is now fixed, the special characters are ok, the hook_on command is back and the console messages are better.
    I'll release 1.4 as soon as possible.