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After a (very) long break, I'll try to resume the dev.

See you soon ! ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Looking for ...

Hey !
I'm looking for someone using Mac, in order to compile a Mac version of the client.

If you're curious, this page explains how to compile the game. I can't do it myself because I have no Mac system ^^

If you're interested, please contact me :

Actually, I don't know if the linux version works with Mac. If you know something about it, please tell me :D


  1. Hi! I am creating a fashion such as: FDDRace FDDWar and I create a client. If you need my help you can contact in Skype. Skype:

    1. Now how can i get MagicTW for Mac? I just want to download it like Windows and Linux.PLease make it fast. ;)

  2. I got Snow Leopard. I can compile it.

  3. Someone is already trying, but there are lots of problem with teeworlds and Mac OSX Lion.

    I'll tell you if it doesn't work.

    Thanks anyway

  4. I cant say "MagicTw_hook_on" in f1... no such command.

  5. I'll add it again in next version. (I forgot it when I updated MagicTW for teeworlds 0.6.1)

    Thanks for report :)

  6. So comes MagicTW for Mac now or not?

  7. I had lots of problems with Mac development. I don't have any Mac system, so I can't compile it myself, I asked someone but this eprson failed to compile the client.
    I'd love to release a Mac version, but I fear you'll have to wait ... Sorry :(

  8. Just buy a Mac xDD ok i can wait but can it come this year?